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The basic function of an oil burner is to produce and maintain required and consistent degree of atomisation to ensure stable flame conditions and required heat distribution in the furnace. Presently there are a large number of oil burners with different designs and types and selection has to be made to suit divergent requirements of industrial furnaces. As a consequence of survey carried out by different national agencies viz IOC, NPC, DGTD, it was observed that nearly 70% of Industrial Units use low air pressure atomising type burners.

In view of the inherent limitations in the Lap Burners available in the market using almost 25-30% of excess air for proper atomisation and combustion, it was felt that there was considerable scope for improving the performance of existing Lap Burners by use of lower levels of excess air & wider turn down ratio. Thus an improved version was developed by IIP in association with PCRA after several years of sustained R & D work. These improved low excess air film burners developed by the above agencies give a fuel saving of 10-15% by using extra excess air below 10%.

Encon International were granted the licence on request for manufacture and marketing of these burners which over the years have been marketed in great numbers to the user industries and have shown excellent results wherever in use.

The unique features responsible for its astounding success lies in the process of atomisation of fuel which gets reduced to a very thin film in the form of a hollow cylinders inside the burner and on release of primary air at about 700 mm w.g. partly from centre and partly above this oil film dividing the oil into fine globules to result in efficient atomisation. By this improved version the fuel saving as indicated has been made possible.

Other salient features of Encon Film Burners are that it has wider turn down ration of 7:1 operates at low excess air levels for improved fuel economy as above and reduce scale/burning losses.

1. Operates efficiently at low excess air levels. 5-10% against 25-30% of L.A.P burners presently available.
2. Reduces stack losses and improves fuel economy. saves upto 20% fuel.
3. Wider turn down ratio 7:1 against 3:1 obtainable in presently marketed enhanced fuel economy benefits.
4. Can be used with preheated air upto about 250-300 Deg.C. Thus, giving enhanced fuel economy benefits.
5. Can be installed in existing L.A.P fuel oil systems without any significant changes.

In view of the rising cost and lower supply of fuel oils all over the world an acute need to conserve the available fuel resources has been felt to offset the slackening Industrial and economic growth. It thus becomes imperative to resort to efficient utilisation and economy in the use of fuel oils. This requirement stared on the face of Indian Economy where importation of fuel oils depended to a very large extent.

While fuel economy was possible by 5-10% on proper storage, handling and preparation of furnace oil, further economies could be achieved by waste heat utilisation systems. Most Industrial furnaces operate at high temperature and allow flue gases to escape at a temperature of 600-900 Deg.C allowing significant percentage of fuel between 35-50% input as wastage to the atmosphere.

Preheating of combustion air is the most commonly used method of waste heat recovery in almost all types of furnaces. Care has to be taken that the preheated air range between 250-500 deg. C depending on what the burners can withstand. The lap type burners fitted on most of the furnaces have a limitation of preheated air temperature of 250 Deg.C.

Encon Recuperators have been successfully used in a number of industries for utilisation of waste heat from boilers and thermic fluid heaters. In case where such equipments are being used on coal and forced draught system, the saving in coal consumption is more than 25%.

Encon Recuperators which preheats the combustion air from the escaping flue gases to a temperature of 200-250 Deg. C results in recycling of waste heat back to the furnaces to give saving of 12-15% of furnace oil. The normal pay back period on installation is just 5-7 months. Encon Recuperators have been developed and are being marketed to meet the requirement of steel, forging, heat treatment and aluminium industries etc in the country.

ENCON Centrifugal Steel Plate Air Blower is designed to give optimum CFM volume and pressure of air with low power consumption. Although originally they are designed to supply air to Combustion systems, they can be used on any application requiring low pressure air.

Each impeller is dynamically balanced before assembly. All blowers are equipped with TEFC, squirrel cage, Induction motors of reputed make such as NGEF, ABB, Crompton etc. Options of direct drive/shaft driven through "V" Belts. Individual units undergo rigorous testing prior to shipment.

 Rigid construction
 Statically and dynamically balanced
 Field adjustable discharge position
 Capacity range: 3 HP-60 HP (Higher capacities on request)
 Pressure: 6" w.g-44" w.g.

Medium Pressure
ENCON 28/3 3 300 510 28" w.g
ENCON 28/5 5 550 930 28" w.g
ENCON 28/7.5 7.5 850 1450 28" w.g
ENCON 28/10 10 1200 2040 28" w.g
ENCON 28/15 15 1700 2890 28" w.g
ENCON 28/20 20 2200 3740 28" w.g
ENCON 28/25 25 3000 5100 28" w.g
ENCON 28/30 30 3500 5950 28" w.g
ENCON 28/40 40 4800 7900 28" w.g
High Pressure
ENCON 40/5 5 400 680 40" w.g
ENCON 40/7.5 7.5 600 1020 40" w.g
ENCON 40/10 10 800 1360 40" w.g
ENCON 40/15 15 1200 2040 40" w.g
ENCON 40/20 20 1600 2720 40" w.g
ENCON 40/25 25 2000 3400 40" w.g
ENCON 40/30 30 2400 4080 40" w.g
ENCON 40/40 40 3200 5200 40" w.g
Note: In all the above Blowers the Impeller is directly mounted on to motor shaft.
Volume of pressure of these fuel combustors is at 20 Deg.C. Please send us following details with your enquiry:-
a. Air volume required in CFM or Nm³/Hr. with pressure in inches or mm of w.g.
b. Temperature of Air/Gas expected.
c. Direct or indirect drive required (Through V Belt or Flexible coupling).
d. HP of Blower (Pressure in inches of w.g/CFM required)
e. Material of construction required (MS, SS, Aluminium etc.)
f.  Make of Motors desired.
g. Type of motor starting preferred (DOL/Star-Delta)
The Heating and pumping unit is especially designed to give a pre-heat to the fuel at the required pressure. The excess fuel, which is not used, is returned back to the heating and pumping unit, which is called a ring main system. This system gives the advantages that whatever is the excess fuel, which is not required by the burner is returned back to the heating and pumping unit.
The Duplex models give the advantage that only one fuel pump is working at a time, whereas the other pump is as stand-by, in case of any accidental failure of the working pump.Each unit is fitted with standard heavy-duty fittings and tested for pressure flow and heating capacity.
We have various models for different applications and they are enumerated below:-
Heater Cap. Flow Rate Simplex Model Duplex-I Model Duplex-II Model
3KW 40L/hr. HPS-3 HPD-3 HPDD-3
6KW 80L/hr. HPS-6 HPD-6 HPDD-6
9KW 120L/hr. HPS-9 HPD-9 HPDD-9
12KW 160L/hr. HPS-12 HPD-12 HPDD-12
16KW 200L/hr. HPS-16 HPD-16 HPDD-16
20KW 250L/hr. HPS-20 HPD-20 HPDD-20
24KW 300L/hr. HPS-24 HPD-24 HPDD-24
30KW 400L/hr. HPS-30 HPD-30 HPDD-30
36KW 500L/hr. HPS-36 HPD-36 HPDD-36
Simplex Single heater and single gear pump with motor
Duplex-1 Single heater and two gear pumps with motor in parallel
Duplex-11 Two sets of electric heater and gear pump with motor in parallel

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