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We are an established manufacturer of Fuel Efficient Furnaces, Fuel Economy Systems, Combustion and Industrial Equipment at Faridabad - an Industrial town situated about 20 Km from NEW DELHI. Over the past 20 years, we have pioneered these systems and installed them on a TURN KEY BASIS with guaranteed results for a number of reputed industries in the country. Our main lines of manufacture are:-


We undertake design, engineering, manufacture, erection and commissioning of various types of industrial furnaces (Oil - Fired, Gas fired and electric) and cater to the variegated requirements of Rolling Mills, Forging Plants, Heat Treatment Centres, Aluminium Plants, Steel Casting Plants and Stainless Steel Processing Industries. More than 1000 ENCON FURNACES of various designs and capacities are operating satisfactorily in Industrial Plants spread all over India /Abroad.


In a typical heating application of ladles in steel plants ENCON Film burners have saved as much as 50-60% of fuel. The ladle heating time has been reduced substantially and a specific fuel consumption of about 3-3.5 litres per tonne of ladle capacity has been achieved.


We have developed a semi-automatic grinding machine for dressing of alloy steel billets/ingots/slabs before rolling operation. The machine has a very high productivity and also the grinding loss is not more than 2-3%. It increases productivity, reduces the material loss and also reduces the labour requirement in addition to improving working conditions for operators. We have supplied 8 such machines to number of reputed customers including M/s Jindal Strips Ltd, Hissar and M/s Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd, Hyderabad.


These have been specially designed and developed for utilisation of waste heat from exhaust flue gases of the furnace for preheating combustion air required for the burners and can save upto 25% of fuel. Over past 15 years, about 1000 ENCON Recuperators have been installed for a broad spectrum of industries, comprising of rolling mills, forging plants, wire drawing units, galvanising plants, aluminium plants, chemical & processing industries etc.


We are ISO 9001:2000 certified. For viewing ISO 9001:2000 Certification, please click here.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified


We have been given a NATIONAL SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD by the President of India in connection with our outstanding achievements in the field of Energy, Conservation and Manufacture/Marketing of Fuel Efficient Furnaces, Fuel Economy Systems through ENCON Recuperators and ENCON Film Burners.

Fuel Efficient Furnaces Manufacturing


Present Turnover : Rs. 5.00 crores ( 50 Millions )


We have exported several furnaces and Ladle preheating systems to our customers in Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, U.A.E, Uganda, Indonesia and Bangladesh etc.

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