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We offer various projects to customers who are looking for Turn Key Project developers. The various projects that we have handled include :

1 Manufacture of FORMALIN : Formalin is used in making various industries such as plywood, urea formaldehyde, melamine, resin etc. it’s a 37% solution of formaldehyde in water and the only raw materials for its production are methnol and water. Countries where methanol is cheap ( mainly oil producing countries) would have very high profits as the international prices of Formalin are very high in comparison to Methanol. It is a completely automatic plant and requires minimal labour.

2 Manufacture of HEXAMINE : Hexamine is another product which uses Formalin as its raw material. This plant is cheaper in comparision to Formalin plant but the profit margings are higher. But the only hassle is the lack of avalability of Formaldehyde in the international market.

3 Manufacture of D N P T : DNPT is a chemical used for giving the foamy property to rubber. It is mainly consumed in the manufacture of certain rubbers which need foaminess, such as slippers. We also manufacture DNPT in our own plant in INDIA.

4 We also supply various machines from INDIA depending on the need of the coustomer. INDIAN made machines are comparable to any other machines and are much more affordable than similar machines which are made elsewhere.

5 any other product you specifically need but don’t know who to ask from.

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